GoldWing    GL1800C
GL1800C Valkyrie

CUSTOM CRUISER The original – and naked – 1975 GL1000 Goldwing set the benchmark for the breed, with its horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine and cruising form. Quickly becoming the definitive touring motorcycle thanks to a turbine-smooth power delivery and mile-munching ability, Honda’s Goldwing is known by many as the world's greatest touring motorcycle and is now celebrating 40 years of production. The Valkyrie has proven itself as a staple in the Goldwing family and as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations will be released with a commemorative key. The Valkyrie‘s bold look is chiselled and purposeful, flowing organically from the solid front quarter to the strong, burly rear. Dynamic when required and chilled-out when not, Honda’s Valkyrie has a show stopping presence. Sharing the engine and chassis with the Honda Goldwing, the Valkyrie is an unforgettable custom cruiser.

GoldWing    GL1800
GL1800 Luxury Goldwing 40th Anniversary

Machines come and go in the motorcycling world. Times change, as do riders and their expectations. But since 1975 there’s been a bike in the Honda range that has stood the test of time – the Goldwing. It’s evolved, of course, but just as it was originally, it remains one of the most special experiences available on two wheels To mark 40 years of constant Goldwing manufacture Honda has produced a 40th Anniversary machine, marking this milestone what has become in motorcycling terms, one incredible journey. To celebrate 40 years of production the 2015 Goldwing will be available in an additional – and very special – two-tone colour scheme, with commemorative key fobs and fairing/trunk badges.

GoldWing    GL1800B
GL1800 F6B 40th Anniversary

LIGHTER, TRIMMER, LEANER The Goldwing F6B is the lighter, trimmer and leaner member of the Goldwing family while still offering plenty of storage capacity and performance, along with many of the Goldwing's comfort and luxury features. The F6B offers an unbeatable combination of cool credibility and useful practicality. Development to produce a nimble-feeling, agile bike that would be comfortable to use on a congested city street but fun on a winding road and of course perform on the open highway. It's the style of the Goldwing F6B that initially grabs attention; minus the rear top box and with its shorter screen, the long, low touring machine flows fluidly from front to rear. And the 2015 40th Anniversary F6B comes with front and dash commemorative badges and key.